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5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

There are probably more than 5 good reasons to hire an interior designer, but we will start there. If you love your home and wish it were a bit more OR you absolutely hate your home and don’t want to be there, hiring an interior designer can help you. Big time.

We hire so many professionals these days: tax accountants, lawn maintenance crews, dog walkers, dentists, mechanics . . . the list is endless. But sometimes there is a hang up about hiring an interior designer. We might think it’s out of our budget, it’s vain, we can handle it, etc. And maybe you can! But maybe you realize there is great value in making the place where you spend most of your time function and look its best—for you.

(By the way, check out this article that shows we spend 33 years of our lives in bed! That's a lot of time at home!)

Reason #1

It will save you money. Huh? Shelling out design fees for someone’s opinion will SAVE me money? Yes! I’ve been designing interiors since the mid-90s (not including my Barbie dream house years), and I’ve seen it so many times. I am called in halfway through a costly remodel or after an expensive ugly sofa has already been purchased. The client realizes that they are in over their head and need help un-doing what has been done. Cha-ching!

Call a designer first! If you are on a tight budget, I suggest having a MAP meeting. Many designers will do a consultation knowing full well that you only intend to pick their brain and do shopping on your own. Great. Ask for a MAP for your entire home: color story, furniture arrangement, rug sizes, shopping suggestions—anything you think you might want to know in the future. I do this with my DIY clients. I want to provide a MAP so they know where to go as their budget, skill set and time frame allows them. That way, at the end of the road, they KNOW that what they started will end up looking great.

Recognize your abilities. No one has all the skills. I won’t do your taxes or work on your teeth. It’s not my skill set. The cool thing about life is that we get to trade skill sets. It’s ok if you are not a creative. I’m not a scientist. Be free of that guilt!

Reason #2

Endless possibilities! Designers live in a world of vendors, trends, colors, contractors. We are frankly bombarded with information regarding what is available today in technology, textiles, furnishings, and fabrics. While the internet certainly has created savvy consumers, an interior designer still has a leg up on the industry. We can guide you to the perfect product for you. And don’t forget that many items are “To the Trade” only. That means I can get products for you that you cannot buy yourself and in a wide variety of prices.

And that creativity again. Often I find that a client just needs a different set of eyeballs on their space. Because I’ve solved other interior problems in the past, my toolbox of ideas is larger than the average person’s. Combine industry knowledge with problem solving and you’ve just found a solid reason to ask an interior designer to look at your space.

Reason #3

Be your liaison. This one is a biggie. If you are doing any home renovations or building that dream house, you will be doing yourself a big favor to hire an interior designer before you do anything else. Remember that MAP we talked about? It also includes research into YOU—what makes you feel comfortable, what is your lifestyle, what colors do you react positively/negatively to?

Having an interior designer on a project gives you someone who’s creating an environment that is made for you. Builders and contractors are wonderful, and I have great appreciation for them! But their job is to complete the project. They don’t have time to care whether your paint color is going to work with the backsplash tile and those custom draperies you ordered. A designer does. And he/she will help coordinate it all—from the cabinet hardware to the throw pillows. The designer can also help you convey your wishes to the builder or contractor. You won’t have to go it alone.

Reason #4

Negotiations. Didn’t we already cover that? Between industry professionals, yes. Between family members, no. I joke that part of my job is marriage counseling. When you have a household with two or more people voicing their decorating opinions, it can get dicey. I’ve even experienced hostility a few times. (Not necessary, friends; this is still just design we are talking about.)

An interior designer can help bridge the gap between “opposing” design styles and create a look that is pleasing to all its occupants. Deciding the overall objectives, working within a budget, and creating solutions that meet most of the expectations is Interior Design 101.

Reason #5

Peace of mind. Ahhhh, sleep. It’s rare in a decorating project. Unless. Unless you have someone else losing sleep for you. That would be me. Or another great designer. Our job is to think about the details, the scheduling, the what ifs, the ordering, the installation. The everything. It’s kind of what we live for.

Not that we never make mistakes (another post coming on How to Hire an Interior Designer). But we do work hard to stay ahead of your project and ensure the most stress-free process possible. Actually, it should be fun! The fact that you have the chance to improve your living space and your quality of life should be an exciting experience!

At least, it can be. Just don’t forget to hire an interior designer.

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