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  • Rochelle Grass

Go Big or Go Home

Countertop thickness. Probably not the first thought on your mind this morning when you popped out of bed. But if designing or remodeling a kitchen is on you mind, then we need to talk. There's a fun design element available to you that can add a whole lot of drama to your space. What is it? Thicker counter tops.

Normal thickness for kitchen counter tops is between 1 and 1 1/4" inches. (Bathroom counters are usually 3/4 "). With a standard cabinet height of 34.5" that makes your normal kitchen base height between 35 and 36 inches.

But as you can see in these photos, we are not limited to that 1" standard.

These countertops are all 3", thanks to a mitering technique done during the fabrication process. This same mitering process is how waterfall edge countertops are made.

What this extra height provides is some serious wow factor in your design. What you need to know is that this will bump up your overall kitchen base height between 37 and 38 inches. A problem? No, especially if you prefer work space to be at waist height. And of course, 3 inches isn't the limit either. This bathroom shown uses a much deeper counter top on a base of drawers, allowing a customizable base height lower than the standard 34".

Where can you use this trick? Bathrooms, wet bars, kitchens, butler's pantries - anywhere you use counter tops.

And don't think your materials limit you. Quartz, granite and even laminate counters like on this black cabinet can be mitered.

So while you are drifting off to sleep thinking of your new kitchen or bath, envision your countertops with bolder edges and dimensions. Sweet dreams are sure to follow.

Rochelle Grass, Interior Designer

Transitional Kitchen Source: https://www.houzz.com/photo/3456651-transitional-kitchen-transitional-kitchen-newark

Bathroom Source: https://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=141218

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