Fresh Southern Style with Rochelle Grass

Rochelle curates her interior designs with a fresh, southern style.

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Creating a Charming Life at Home

Rochelle is known for her one-of-a-kind interior designs. Her approach towards creating a charming life at home starts with the essentials for Southern Style and ends with a design that enhances your own vision for your southern home. Rochelle creates southern charm by designing for the way you live.

Rochelle Takes A Free-Spirited Approach to Design

Rochelle is known for infusing color, patterns, and textiles into homes in such a way it simply speaks southern. Her free-spirited approach towards design allows her design process to evolve naturally from a simple fabric swatch or rug into a Design Map that covers it all. 

Rochelle Studies to Stay Fresh

Rochelle goes to market yearly to explore lines and products that reflect a southern style of living. At market, she studies materials and scouts for fresh finds that have the potential to charm her clientele. Even with 20 years of design experience and a degree in Interior Design, Rochelle absorbs the market knowledge like a first-year student and finds true pleasure in watching a new product that reflects southern style come alive as a project progresses. 

Rochelle's Love of Home

Guided by Psalm 91, the concept of dwelling has naturally created a love for home that shines through all of Rochelle's designs. Her passion and commitment to the craft is reflected in the uniqueness of each of her projects with authenticity to classic, Southern Style.

For Rochelle, relationships drive what she does. Her design expertise may be what brings you together but she aims to be more than just a designer for clients but someone that looks out for your best interests (and budget) so that by the end of the project you feel like you’ve just made a good friend.


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