The Design Process


Step 01


Contact me today to set up a free phone or Zoom call to discuss your project. This is the first step to your design journey. Once you contact me, I will respond within 48 hours to se up your call. Our call will last 20-30 minutes. I will also send you a customized design questionnaire that will help you clarify the scope, budget, timeline and goals of your project. These are the key ideas we will discuss on our call. You've been dreaming about this long enough, are you ready?

Step 02


The design consultation is in your home, office or construction site. We will spend our 90-120 minutes together reviewing all your design goals. What needs to function better? What is your design style?  I'll take measurements, photos and give you my first impression of how we can make your home beautiful! At the end of our time together, I'll give you a proposal for the time needed to map out your custom design. We will sign the proposal and letter of agreement; I'll collect the payment for the design fees, and we are off to the races!

Step 03


This is where I shine, and it's probably the reason you hired me. I will put together a detailed design plan with the following:

  • space plan

  • furniture plan

  • lighting plan

  • color story

  • window covering design

  • art selections

  • floor covering selections

  • mood board

  • product samples

  • quote for product, labor & delivery costs; estimated shipping costs

  • projected product timeline

  • if applicable, cabinet, countertop, tile and plumbing design

This process generally takes 3-4 weeks. Then we will meet together again to review the design. You will have an opportunity to make 1-2 revisions on the design. Once we agree on the plan, I will collect payment and start placing orders!​

Step 04


If your design includes a contractor or tradesperson who needs to see your space and quote your project, we will schedule a trade day. If you are building new construction, there may be several trade days or site visits. These appointments are vital to making sure everyone on the team shares the same vision for meeting your design expectations. I love being your liaison between design dreams and implementation. On-site visits are billed hourly and included in the end of month design fees.

Step 05


The next step in the design process is implementing the design. I will place product orders, coordinate with trades, track orders and  take care of any problems or concerns along the way. These services are billed by the hour and collected at the end of the month.

Communication is very important to me and I will keep you in the loop. Handling the implementation of your design is my way of keeping you stress free. The only think you have to think about is what you'll do first in your new space.

Step 06


The day you have waited for is here! The final big reveal of your space! Some clients prefer to have more than one installation day; others want to wait and have their one HGTV moment. Whatever you choose, I can't wait to see the smile on your face when we accomplish creating your design dreams! After your final accessory is placed, my gift to you is professional design photos of your new or renewed home. Congratulations! 




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